Community Meeting this next Monday!

Posted on Feb 14, 2013 in News | 0 comments

Community Meeting flyer

It was about a year ago that a group of concerned community members came together to see what could be done to rescue the museum from what looked, at the time, like imminent closure.  Membership and admissions rates were falling, expenses were climbing, cash reserves were eroding and there were a handful or serious issues that needed addressing with the landlord.  Well we’ve come quite a way since then but we still have a fair way still to go and we can only get there as a community.   So with that in mind we felt it was more than timely to sit down and reflect on the past year with the community; talk about the activity, the successes (and there have been many) as well as the challenges and needs moving forward and most particularly, how you can help.  So please come join us this coming Monday, February 18th, at 10:00am at the Oakhurst Elementary School Multipurpose Room – all are welcome!

Note – here are couple of articles, one in the Sierra Star and one published just yesterday in Sierra News Online that help give some background or maybe better couched as context for the meeting.  Here’s the SNO article and here’s the Sierra Star one:

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