Breakfast with Santa Rescheduled!!!

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Breakfast with Santa… the annual community gathering Oakhurst Community Center involving great food, holiday crafts and seat time with Santa himself almost didn’t happen this year due to a snowy weather intervention by Mother Nature herself on December 7th.  Seven plus inches of fresh snow blanketed the area that Saturday morning snowing the majority of the volunteers for the event in their homes and turning the driveway from Road 425B to the Community Center parking lot into a treacherous slope.  So… we took the hard decision to cancel the event.

Now December is a busy month and that goes especially for events at the Community Center so it looked very likely that the 2013 edition of the Breakfast with Santa would not happen.  It took some work and most importantly it took key support from Laura at the Community Center and the Sierra Oakhurst Kiwanis to work to squeeze the event into the only possible window before the end of the month – Saturday, Dec 21st.

So – bring your appetite, pull together your last minute Christmas list wishes and round up your family and friends for a wonderful breakfast and a great community gathering in our little place here in the foothills!

2013 Breakfast With Santa web size redux



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Merry Christmas!

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As the hours tick away on this Christmas Eve and all those last
minute preparations hurriedly consume the remainder of the day, it felt like no better time than to pause and wish all of of friends, member, volunteers, supporters, partners and visitors – heck everyone for that matter – a very Merry Christmas!


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It’s Coming Together…

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At first I thought this post should be called “It Does Take a Village – Thankfully”, or something like that but decided that “It’s Coming Together” reflects what’s happening to get ready for the Christmas Tree Auction.   It is really about many things all coming together; many things that can only come from a village and this special one in particular.


I’ll try and keep this short or at least relatively so.  First off is a big, Big, BIG Thank You! to Dave and Linda Dorsey, owners of Dorsey’s Hallmark in Oakhurst, as well as to the members of the H.O.L.I.D.A.Y.S. (How Ornament Lovers In Denial All Year Survive) club for the very generous donations of Hallmark Ornaments for our Christmas Tree entry.  These will surely help make our tree (which is donated by Bill and Carol Attwood – thank you to you two!) a truly special one.  Here’s a quick pic and there is more info found in the Sierra News Online article here:

In addition to the full sized Christmas tree we will have a wreath at the auction as well.  We wanted to have the ornaments for this prepared by many of the children that come to the museum and the great folks from the Central Sierra Woodcarvers group pulled together to provide us with blanks that could be decorated (Thank you Larry Smith and team!).  They have turned out to be great little canvases for the kids to play with and create some unique craft pieces.  Another very BIG Thanks! to all the children and their families to pitching in and donating their creative talents to this!  An image gallery of some of the prep is below.

Now just to get the wreath all assembled!  Hope to see many there on Sunday (don’t forget the Breakfast with Santaon Saturday morning and the Christmas Tree lighting event Saturday evening).

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Hours and activities for Thanksgiving Week

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With this Thanksgiving Holiday week already upon us it seems more than appropriate to let you all know when we are open and what activities are planned.

Hours:  we are only closing for Thanksgiving day itself (ya know – to take care of all that turkey and fixin’s and stuff…).  So the rest of the week we will be open our normal hours -

  • 10am – 4pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
  • 1pm – 4pm Sunday


  • Preschool and Homeschool Spanish are de vacaciones this week (on vacation… for the non-immersive folk) an will be returning to they regular times on Thursday and Tuesday & Thursday respectively.
  • Messy Hand – Wednesday from 10:30ish to noon-ish
  • Music & Movement – Tamara will be rockin’ the house at 10:30 Friday morning!

One note – that 11th Annual Christmas Tree Auction is a little less than two weeks away (Sunday, Dec  2nd) and we have a wreath still to prepare.  A wreath that we really want the kids to help us decorate!  So… the Central Sierra Woodcarvers have provided several Christmas/Winter themed cutouts to be painted up.  These should be available throughout most of our open hours til sometime next week.

So you see – lot’s of stuff going on in addition to the normal awesomeness, so come on over, escape the whole Black Friday craziness, and spend some of the holiday week with us – we’d love to have you!

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