Movie Night at the Met this Thursday!!!

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Movie_Night_posterWhat better way to (almost) wrap up a fundraising campaign (the Steve4 Mayor campaign) than with a fun family event!  The great guys at the Met Cinemas are hosting a benefit screening of Wreck-It Ralph for us this coming Thursday night, June 27.  Doors open at 9pm with the movie starting at 9:30pm.  Tickets are $10 per person ($12 at the door so get your’s early!).

This is a join event with us and the Boys & Girls Club of Oakhurst and the Met will very generously be donating all proceeds from ticket sales and concessions to us (that’s so awesome guys!!!).

Oh – and as a little incentive there will be a raffle for all attendees of a Nintendo 3DS and Wreck-It Ralph video, courtesy of Ameriprise Financial!


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Fundraiser Events This Weekend

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Screen shot 2013-06-18 at 12.54.57 PMAs we roll into the home stretch of the Steve4 Mayor fundraising campaign we’ve got two very different but very fun events in store this weekend!  Join us for a concert on Friday night at Yosemite Lakes Park and on Sunday a BBQ lunch and train ride through the towering pines of the Sierras.

More info on both these events here.

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Mayors Race Fundraiser Campaign Updates

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Event list5KRunFlyer2013final Poster_large_final_lower_res

Car show flyer_resizedWe’ve wined and dined at our first event at Crab Cakes (really great food and a great time!).  We’ve updated the Steve4 Mayor events list now having added a new event on Thursday, June 27th; Movie Night @ Met Cinemas.  We’re getting ready for a busy weekend at Bass Lake; volunteering at the Bass Lake Classic Triathlon on Saturday and supporting the 3rd Annual South Shore Car & Boat Show at Miller Landing on Sunday.  Check the details on our Steve4 Mayor Campaign page!

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Things will be Sizzling! (and darn tasty!)

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2013-05-20 08.00.59We visited with Jenny Toste of KGPE CBS47 in Fresno this morning to talk about this Wednesday’s dinner at the Crab Cakes Restaurant to benefit the museum.  We were albe to roust Chef Brian Velasquez for an early morning run down to the valley to prep and share a couple of the dishes that will be on the menu.  I’ll tell you – from what I tasted of the rainbow carrots and the bone in pork chops, this will be a wonderful dinner!  More info and pics are found here.  Hope to see you there!

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We’re off and running! The 2013 Oakhurst Honorary Mayor’s Race!

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Steve for mayor - FB

A little over two weeks ago on Wednesday, April 17th that the 2013 edition of the annual Oakhurst Honorary Mayor’s Race was kicked off with a Multi-business Open House at the Silver Creek Shopping Center.  It was a fun event and a great new way to get the campaign season off and running.

We’ve got four “competitors” in this race (if you haven’t read the artical in the Sierra Star – here it is) and while it honestly isn’t really about winning the coveted title (cough, cough – yeah right!) – it IS all about raising awareness and funds to support each candidates cause.

Since the kick off we’ve been asked a few key questions:

  • We have a mayor????
  • How do I vote?
  • What are your events?

The answer for the 1st question is really for the folks that don’t live in the area (or recently moved here).  No – we really don’t have a mayor.  Oakhurst is an unincorporated census designated place (CDP).  We have no local government and thus no mayor.  But… we do have a race for Honorary Mayor.  This is a campaign were various non-profits in town put up a candidate and raise money for their designated organization.  The candidate that raises the most money by the end date (this year by July 10th) wins the title!

The second question – it’s simple.  You vote with your dollars.  Yep – just like the good ol’ American political system just we’re completely up front about it!   Refreshing isn’t it!  You can send us a check, donate cash, drop off a couple of bars of gold bullion, or used what ever method of payment works for you.  Rest assured that what ever form your donation takes, it is valuable and greatly appreciated!   If you want a chance of getting something for you donation we have raffle tickets available (currently at the museum and selected future events); grand prize for the raffle is a 32″ HD TV!

And now for the answer to the last question – events.  Here’s our current calendar.  More events and activities will be added so stay tuned!

  • May 4th: Build Your Own Cupcake Bake Sale at the Children’s Museum.  This will be a fun event which has been conceived and executed by one of our volunteers – Brittany Villa.  She’s a senior at YHS who started volunteering with us since last summer.  She upped the ante, and her volunteer hours, this school year taking on helping the museum as her senior project.
  • May 22: Benefit Dinner at Crab Cakes Restaurant & Yosemite Catering
  • June 1Bass Lake Classic Triathlon
  • June 2: South Shore Car and Boat Show at Miller’s Landing Bass Lake
  • June 11Oakhurst Area Chamber open house at the Children’s Museum
  • June 15: Annual Carnival at the Children’s Museum
  • June 19: TBA (We’re hatching something special)
  • June 21: Friday Nights at the Lake (FNL) at Yosemite Lakes Park
  • June 23: Ride the Rails for Kids at the Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad

On-going info and updates regarding our campaign effort will generally be found on our Facebook page.

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