The Dig

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“We can’t do anything but NOT stop digging!”

There are many wonderful moments that just happen at the museum (one of the joys of working there) and this was one just last week.  Twin brothers had helped out with creating some ornaments for our wreath that will be part of the 12th Annual Christmas Tree Auction this coming Sunday and then went back to exploring in the museum.  They quickly dug into the sand in the “Dig Site” exhibit and were very focused on finding all of the bones that were buried there.  They combined their efforts and mixed their styles and had uncovered about half of them after a few minutes when I heard “we can’t do anything but not stop digging!”  And not stop they did until all six corners and the bottom of the sand box were unearthed and all the bones recovered.

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Messy Hands is Back!

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Okay kids (of all ages) – Messy Hands is BACK! Join us tomorrow (Tues) morning at 10:30 and get ready to see what painting is like with a whole variety of… well unconventional “brushes” (I’m still not sure how spaghetti qualifies as a brush but I guess we’ll see…).

I know this… it will likely be much more than just hands that end up messy!

A special thanks goes out to our friends at Bass Lake Education Foundation for pulling this together!

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